Our History

On August 13.2018 I Quit my job as a risk analyst in the head office of a famous bank in Egypt and traveled to study international Marketing in Jönköping University, Sweden. I took a revolutionary decision and it was my first time ever to travel abroad.

I got a masters degree in International Marketing from Jönköping University and started the preparation to Launch an International Marketing company to unleash my potential.

January.2020 Started the company officially and laid the foundations of my Vision behind The Frolic Bird while Coronavirus hit the world. Did not give up and endured that hard phase and was able to get my first Client in September.2020 in Sweden.

In December Became an exclusive representative for Naturtex Company based in Egypt. Covering the Scandinavian and Nordic Region. Naturtex is the only factory and company in the world that owns biodynamic Egyptian cotton. The company plants and manufactures products from 100% Biodynamic and Organic Egyptian cotton. It is one of the companies of Sekem Holding Group.

February.2022, I moved the office to a business Coworking Zone in the City Center of Jönköping.
In March.2022, I traveled to Egypt and got the Second Exclusive agency of ISIS Company for organic Food and Beverages. We also cover exclusively Same Region (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland) ISIS is a big factory that manufactures Organic food and beverages also from Sekem Farms. ISIS is also one of the factories under the Umbrella of Sekem Holding Group.
In April.2022 Came back to Sweden and expanded my team and started to execute the sales and marketing strategy.
In May.2022, we got 2 big clients from Stockholm, one in the Organic food and beverage sector and the other in the Sustainable Fashion Field. We started the planning process for securing the orders from Egypt to Sweden.
In June.2022, It was the third move, The Frolic Bird became the exclusive representative for LOTUS for Organic Herbs and Spices.
- We also exclusively represent LOTUS in the same Scandinavian and Nordic Region.
-Lotus is a Company that plants and sells Biodynamic and organic Spices and herbs but we only sell in Bulks.

We shipped our first container of Organic Egyptian yarn to our first danish client.

After Sekem did acquisition to an American-Egyptian brand called UTN ( Under the Nile) 100% Organic and biodynamic Egyptian Cotton baby brand. The Frolic Bird is currently working on both Starting an E-commerce sales channel and distributing the brand across Scandinavian and Nordic region.