The frolic bird is the passion of its Founder and CEO Ezzat kassem. Ezzat is an Egyptian entrepreneur who has lived in Sweden since 2018 . Ezzat used to be a banker in Egypt. he was always having both passion and energy to make an impact in the world, but did not know when and how. This was until he decided to quit his job as a risk analyst in the head office of a famous bank in Egypt and travel abroad to do a masters in International marketing.

In 2018, it was the first time for Ezzat to travel abroad and after a random google search to study international Marketing, he came across Sweden and decided to travel for studying. The moment Ezzat came to Sweden, he realised what sustainability is and how Sweden applied sustainability in all aspects of the Swedish lifestyle. Therein lies the birth of Ezzat’s passion for sustainability as an integral pillar for making an impact in the world.

After graduation, Ezzat launched the Frolic bird to unleash both the knowledge that he got in his studies and his potential to make an impact in the world. The frolic bird from day one is meant to only deal with sustainable brands who are certified. The frolic bird aspires to be the most trusted international marketing hub that only markets sustainable brands across Scandinavia and nordic countries.